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is a Feed Milling Company, producing compound feeds of higher quality standard from best available feed stuffs and had earned many satisfied customers over the years.  Organon Feeds has a wide range of products to address the nutritional needs of different breeds, age and production level of the livestock animals.

Organon has also introduced the concept of Business optimization through feed management and launched its NutirCheck program, which is the Laboratory testing services. The primary purpose of this program is to help out the farmers in understanding the nutritional status of their feeds and fodders, so that they can device a profitable strategy of feed management and getting the optimum production from their animals.


Balance Nutrition can Help You
  • Better Palatability, increase dry matter intake.
  • Minimize body weight losses during early stages of lactation.
  • Improve milk production
  • Improve cattle fertility.
  • Reduce incidence of metabolic disorders.
  • Help cow to overcome the heat stress
  • Better return on your investment.
  • Business Philosophy
  • Punjab  Agro Wanda

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