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about us


is a Feed Milling Company, producing compound feeds of higher quality standard from best available feed stuffs and had earned many satisfied customers over the years. Organon Feeds has a wide range of products to address the nutritional needs of different breeds, age and production level of the livestock animals.

Organon has also introduced the concept of Business optimization through feed management and launched its NutirCheck program, which is the Laboratory testing services. The primary purpose of this program is to help out the farmers in understanding the nutritional status of their feeds and fodders, so that they can device a profitable strategy of feed management and getting the optimum production from their animals..


Our philosophy in business is very logical, since livestock production in Pakistan is quite diversified, offering nutritional solutions for livestock operations need certain business model specificity.  That is the factor that ORGANON have a very vast range of customers.  We are working hands in hands with different supply chain networks, social groups and marketing companies and developed very effective business strategies.  On the other hand we have a broadest consumer network, where we have consumers holding a few animals to a few hundred animals.


Humans are a resource to us, that’s why we have very competent group of people, working as a team to honor the commitment which we make with our customers.  Having more than 50 people, working in different departments, we have also consultants for developing new horizons.  We know that quality can only be promised when it can be designed, so we have one of the best team of Nutritionist, having many years of experience, that is the reason that our learning curves in feed manufacturing is unmatched.


We provide the complete nutritional solutions for almost all the species of Livestock, ranging from Cattle, Sheep, Goat, Poultry and Horses.